Types of Slot Machines You Need to Know About

Mostly every beginner starts their gambling journey with slot machines because it is not as complex as other casino games. It is easy to understand and does not need a big investment. Many punters play slots with the aim of earning big profits, but not all are lucky; some even end up losing everything.

If you want to make consistent money, you need to learn about the game you are willing to wager on. Not all slot machines are the same; every machine has a different theme with a different return to player (RTP). Here are some common slot machines you can find at most casinos.

Single-Coin Machine

In this modern world, it’s tough to find single-coin slot machines. After the introduction of advanced multi-coin machines, they became almost obsolete. Punters prefer playing multi-coin games rather than single coin because they are more advance and offer high payouts.

We suggest that every beginner should start with the single-coin machine because in such games a player can only use one coin to play the game. You can still find this machine in many old casinos, and of course, you can play this game if you want to enjoy the classic spinning experience. If you don’t find this game at any casino, you can play it on สล็อต 888 -15, a reputed online casino.


As the name suggests, multipliers multiply your winnings by double or triple. This is a type of multi-coin machine that takes more than one coin at the same time. Payout of these machines is decided from the number of coins played.

Firstly, multipliers were introduced in 1987 and became the first choice of punters who love to win huge payouts. Some casinos have multipliers that multiply your winnings to 100x or even 1000x; and สล็อต 888 -15 is one of them. Suppose player bets with two coins and gets three times seven, then he will win $1000.

Progressive Machines

If you love jackpots, then progressive machines can be your best option. It is a combination of all the machines available at the casino that work together to make a common jackpot. The total price of the jackpot keeps increasing until a lucky person hits the winning combination.

To keep the trend going, casino owners have introduced massive jackpots. They have linked many machines together throughout the state. The total payout of these machines increases whenever a person inserts a coin in any machines lined together.

Buy-Your-Pay Machines

The buy-your-pay machine is a bit trickier than all other slot machines. It has an entirely different payout table; one can identify this game by looking at its payout table. A punter can insert one to five coins; their winning combination will depend on the number of coins inserted.

For example, suppose a player is playing using one coin and may need three bars to become the winner, and if he makes a three apples, then he will lose his one coin, and the machine will not pay him. On the other hand, if a player is playing using more than one coin, he will win on another combination.